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President of Acosta & Associates, Inc., Wendy Acosta is following her passion of creating capacity and resources for healthy children, healthy families and strong communities. A consultant and trainer, her greatest strength is her ability to empower indigenous communities to use their cultural strengths and traditional values to create successful children. She is hanai (adopted) in both Maui, Hawaii, and various Yupik/Cupik villages in the YK Delta, including Chuathbuluk, Nunam Iqua and Scammon Bay, AK. Her Yupik name is Anuqa - wind. Wendy is known for being both Anuqekegci (favorable wind) for a community and Anuqekegcinrite (unfavorable wind) for systems. Wendy melds decades of government service, youth and community development expertise, a mental health background, school/social advocacy and insight as a CSI/Expert witness technician with Human Systems Dynamics to assist individuals, organizations or communities move their vision from dreams to reality. Wendy has a proven track record for delivering results efficiently and effectively. Her roles include Community Facilitator/Instigator/Advocate; Assessment and Evaluation; Resource/Systems Development; Leadership Development; Facilitation; Mediation; Organizational or Community Change, Consulting and Coaching. Using a strength-based approach, she creates foundations and experiences to support existing strengths and strengthen weaknesses. Thus equipped, her clients are able to continue building their dreams and their teams. She has launched hundreds of young people into roles of leadership and advocacy around the world. The teams are continuing their community work, training new members and truly building their dream. Wendy lived in Spokane Washington and the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta in Alaska before landing in Hawaii. She loves to travel, experience new cultures, invent new recipes and volunteer. Wendy currently resides in Maui, Hawaii with her partner Michael. Together they are working to create capacity by using technology to build community, energy and sustainability in neighborhoods around the islands. Their next large project will be helping give birth to a new nation. Wendy is available in person, by telephone or Skype for consultancy.

Wendy currently resides in Maui, Hawaii with her partner Michael. Together they are working to create capacity by using technology to build community, energy and sustainability in neighborhoods around the islands. Their next large project will be helping give birth to a new nation.

Cooking, Volunteering Reading Sewing Hanging at the beach.

People with Aloha in there hearts... Chocolate... Good Books Good Conversations... A good glass of wine...

Just finished Three Cups of Tea. What an inspiring book about one man's ability to change the world.

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Action Adventure!

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Always busy with the Grapevine, tweaking and making it better... :)

Fun Store!  Would you post some close-ups of your items. 
Posted on: 08/13/2011 23:51:23
LOL - Thank you very much! 
What can I and the Grapevine do to help support you and...
Posted on: 05/14/2011 16:35:08
Check out the forum on Reading if you need more hints and tips...

Posted on: 04/10/2011 00:43:44
Love the story!  Tell us more about the miracle laser and Babyluv!

Posted on: 04/03/2011 22:40:49
Looks Great!
Posted on: 10/08/2010 08:04:55
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07/30/2013 11:37:33
From: jackpercrake
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06/08/2011 19:37:23
From: DebbieDehm
HI Wendy, How is your knee? How are things going with you? Haven't heard anything about the trade bucks. I still want to do that. Give me a call maybe we can have lunch. Blessings, Debbie

05/14/2011 14:54:57
From: bradyock
WOWIE wow make it work girl.  amazing and awesome paper.  great job search and  social networking.  are there any swing dancers/dances out there.  fun and great exercise.  nothing succeeds like success.  keep it right the first time.  perfect practice makes perfect.  why practice our mistakes.

05/14/2011 14:48:11
From: bradyock
to know more about me please feel free to visit and
my private email.s

05/10/2011 01:34:03
From: DebbieDehm
HI Wendy,  I tried to send you a regular e-mail but it bounced back right away.  Please add a category for wedding vendors then sub category  wedding officiant, D.J., Caterer, etc.. Also you might want to add psychic and astrology somewhere, maybe under spiritual.   I was going to work on my business listing that I started this morning and it got erased. what's up?  I guess I will start over.

10/17/2010 18:42:17
From: AuntieSarah
Good Morning Wendy!!
Auntie Sarah

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