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River Rafting - Wild or Scenic
Posted On 10/23/2011 00:11:32 by GrapeVineTravelAdventures

Most everyone has heard of white water rafting.  Those who like a bit of adventure have a great time splashing through bumps and dips in the wild waters of river rapids. What about rafting for people who prefer a quieter ride?  It does exist, in the form of scenic river floats.  Many people find a day on the river quite enjoyable, whether a wet and wild white water adventure or a serene scenic float.   White Water Rafting on Washington's Wenatchee River  ... Read More

Hali'imaile Softball League
Posted On 09/18/2011 06:23:12 by Grapevine
You ever wonder why some things bring a smile to your face?  Is it just the feeling in the air, the sight of families having fun or something else?  
I moved into the Hali'imaile community over a year ago.  There isn't much here - a restaurant, a little store and a park.  A park that is in continuous use by families.  As one who has spent a lifetime helping create healthy communities and healthy families, nothing brings a smile to my face faster than seeing mu... Read More

Maui Music and Magic
Posted On 04/09/2011 04:41:38 by Grapevine
You know the stop in for a quick bite to eat on the way to accomplishing yet another task on your 'to do' list. The restaurant is a local spot full of a mix of locals and tourists. You know the food will be good, the beer cold and for a few moments you can relax and enjoy. 
"Welcome to the Hotel California"...drifts across the room. Too vibrant to simply be a jukebox, you realize you're in for a rare treat.... Read More

Hawaii Style Networking
Posted On 10/08/2010 03:03:23 by speednetworkingHI
Speed Networking Hawaii, Live and Direct:Wednesdays at 6:30pm in Paia Town 

  Willow and Nigel, our gracious Moana hosts 

  Sarah Davis, networker extraordinaire

Speed Networking Hawaii's weekly meeting of minds is a free flowing exchange of ideas, contacts, connections, leads, and inspiration.  People go home energized, focused and feeling on point with their business goals.

The gatherings are both... Read More

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